Quilt Challenge

A quilt challenge offers guild members the opportunity to challenge themselves by making a quilt that meets specific guidelines.  A committee decides the rules of the challenge. The quilts are displayed at the July guild meeting and members are invited to vote for their favorites.  All challenge quilts are exhibited when possible, but typically a subset of quilts (those with the most votes) are hung and displayed at local quilt shops and have, on occasion, traveled to local and national quilt shows.



MUSIC that Movies You” (Robin Thorne)

Challenging all quilters! Make a quilt inspired by music from the movies. Use any technique(s) or style – traditional, innovative, art, modern, fiber art, contemporary. Make a baby quilt, a landscape quilt, art deco, etc. If you choose not to keep your CREATION, you can donate it to Rock Ledge Ranch or give it away as a gift.

1. Quilt must be made completely by the entrant and specifically for this challenge, dated between January and June 2019. One entry per person.
2. Quilt top must include RECOGNIZABLE amount of yellow and black.
3. Any construction method(s) may be used, but must include three layers: top, batting, and backing. It must have stitching, tying or quilting to hold the layers together.
4. It can be any shape or orientation, e.g. square, rectangle, round. Maximum Perimeter is 152” and round quilts cannot exceed 36 inches in diameter.
Example: 36” in width and 40” in length → Perimeter = 2 x (36+40) = 2 x (76) = 152”
5. No kits. Respect copyrights. Document sources. Example: Carol Doak paper piece patterns.
6. Attach a 4″ sleeve on the back. Quilts up to 12″ wide may have a smaller sleeve if desired (no less than 2-1/2″ for hanging purposes).
7. Attach a label. Include your name, title of the song, and movie name. In addition, include a short statement about the inspiration for the quilt or how it relates to the theme.
8. Quilts that do not meet the rules, as determined by the committee, will be displayed but not eligible for prizes.

Entry Categories: Professional (those who have won an award at a State or National Quilt show), General, and First Time Entry


Viewer’s Choice
1st Place in each category (Professional, General, and First Time Entry)
Challenge Committee Choice
Guild President’s Choice
Participant ribbons for all entries
Other awards will be given, as determined by the committee, based on guild participation.

Have fun and be creative!

2019 Co-Chairs: Barbara LaLiberte 532-9209 and Mary Peltzer 964-8790
Committee: Robin Thorne and Donna Peterson

2019 PPQG Challenge Release Form