September Presenter

Paula Golden

Born in southern California, Paula grew up in Germany when her father took a teaching position overseas. “Using fiber as a creative means to communicate is intrinsic to my very being. It links me to the continuum of men and women who have stitched their lives in fiber to provide warmth and nourishment for the body and soul.” Her passion for the stories behind the quilts is a leading theme in her work.

Selected as “2001 Teacher of the Year” by The Professional Quilter Magazine Paula has been quilting since the early 1970s and teaching for over twenty years including the International Quilt Festival, Houston. Her quilts, patterns and articles have been published in magazines and books. Paula is past-president of the Board of Directors, Virginia Quilt Museum and co-author of the book, “Quilts of Virginia: Birth of America through the Eye of a Needle.

She trained as a medical technologist and blood bank specialist and recently completed her Master of Independent Study in print-making and surface design at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts. During her studies in the MIS program she identified, claimed and learned to honor her intuitive abilities and in the process learned how to encourage her students to trust themselves. Paula is certified in administering the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator and incorporates the concept that understanding oneself increases the creative process. She teaches nationally and was on the staff of Jinny Beyer’s Hilton Head Seminar since 1995. She founded Cabin Branch Quilters Woodbridge, Virginia in 1989. Paula hosted a weekly TV series on quilting for the Park Authority of Prince William, County, Virginia.

Four of her original patterns have been published in The Foundation Piecer and Quilts With Style. Her quilts are featured in the books Designing Tessellations by Jinny Beyer, Quilts Are Forever edited by Kathy Lamancusa,  Quilting with Manhole Covers by Shirley MacGregor and Celebrate the Day by Shannon Shirley. Her quilts are also featured in the collections of the Bethesda National Naval Medical Center’s Fisher House, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the Brehm Center for Type 1 Diabetes Research and Analysis and private individuals.

She and her husband share their home with a  dog and three cats and the various wildlife that stops in to visit. Paula relishes sharing the history, techniques and art of quilting with students of all ages. Her passion for quilting encourages students to explore their own creativity in a positive, nurturing environment.